Looking for a Swedish teacher? We bring the course to you and make it possible to combine  learning Swedish with work.

We are teachers with university degrees and are experts on individualized and flexible courses. One-to-one or in a group – we adapt to whatever suits you and your company best.

Online Swedish courses.

What happens after contacting us?

We always start with a free professional evaluation of your needs and your language proficiency, from introductory level A1 to advanced C1 according to the CEFR scale (Common European Framework for Languages) (PDF). Then we set up goals, both short-term and long-term, according to CEFR. If a large number of employees at the same workplace wish to study simultaneously we divide you into groups to achieve the most effective learning environment.

What happens after the evaluation?

We book the lessons, recommending 1,5 hours to 2 hours one to two times a week, unless you would like an intensive course.

We use well-tried textbooks and teaching aids that suit you, for example Natur och kulturs Rivstart which also follows the CEFR scale.

How long does it take to learn Swedish?

We could promise that you will learn Swedish in no time, but we are genuine academics and experienced language experts who know how much work and time it takes to learn a language.

But with our coaching we guarantee you the very best prerequisites to learn Swedish.

You often hear that it takes about 200 teaching hours to go from one level to the next, but this is of course very individual.

The progression in our courses is generally fast, but you will most likely reach a theoretical proficiency before the equivalent practical one; you will be able to listen to and understand Swedish passively before you can speak and write actively.

Research has shown that the most important factors in learning a language are
• previous language proficiencies
• how much time you put into your studies
• how much Swedish you hear around you
• your age

Contact us and you will be getting the very best prerequisites to learn Swedish!

About CBS:

We have provided language services for companies in the Uppsala-Stockholm region since 2005. We have an academic profile with teachers with university degrees and offer professional, efficient and flexible Swedish courses for individuals and groups. Among our customers are Stora Enso, Nike, IAR Systems and GE Healthcare.

We also offer other language services such as translations, writing, editing, proofreading and oral presentations.

Our teachers:

Cecilia Berglund Barklem

Owner, translator and teacher

Sofi Rydell

Teacher and translator

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Reviews from students:

”My teacher was very professional and very attentive of her students’ needs. The Swedish classes with CB Språktjänster were always very fun, and I even learnt interesting facts regarding the origin of some Swedish words and customs. The one-to-one classes were taken at my own pace, and my teacher always motivated me to learn more and more. During one of the first classes, I mentioned to my teacher that music helps me very much when learning new languages, and since then she would bring very often to the class a new Swedish song, and we would go through the lyrics together to make sure I was understanding the meaning. I feel that my Swedish level has developed very much after my 60 hours of Swedish classes, and it has surely made my daily life easier.”

Gisela Cunha, Research Chemist at Stora Enso Innovation Centre in Stockholm

”An efficient one to one course to learn Swedish. Teaching methods were personalized and the course gave me good abilities to use Swedish in my daily communication. Furthermore, it was an interesting bonus that my teacher could explain linguistic details on the origin of words and phrases.”

Tilly Sainila, Research Engineer at Stora Enso Innovation Centre in Stockholm

”The individual course I attended gave me the confidence to use written Swedish in my daily job. Cecilia is a fantastic teacher and has been very good at adapting the course to my own time schedule and problematic language areas.”

Mario Pierro, Development Engineer at IAR Systems in Uppsala

”I was introduced to Swedish language and culture by Cecilia at my workplace. Despite the difficulties that learning a completely new language while having a professional and private life may involve, she made it enjoyable and brought a lot of energy to our one-to-one sessions. She made lessons very dynamic and adaptable to my curiosities and mood! That was certainly motivating and welcomed. Thanks to her tuitions I started to understand concepts in the Swedish society beyond learning basic Swedish language and expressions.”

Raimon Marin, Senior Process Engineer, Stora Enso

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